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I'm a lawyer, business consultant and entrepreneur (in reverse order of importance). I'm passionate about bringing ideas to life. It's not a job...or even a profession. It's my life's work. 

If you have an idea that you want to explore, I'd love to connect. I offer free consultations to help get you on the right track. Let's bring your idea to life.  

Consultant | Attorney

"Ryan provides the combined skill sets needed to help keep my start-up going in the right direction, both legal and otherwise. It is clear that his vast network of highly successful contacts was hard-won, and is a direct reflection of his tact, execution, capabilities, focus and empathy. I love this guy."


Meet our Team

Real-time sales flip-books are more than one man can handle, no matter how many digits of Pi I can remember. That’s three, by the way. That’s why my team is teeming with talent:

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What I (Love To) Do:

Validate Your Idea

I know, I know. You love your ideas. And some of them are probably great. But don't you want to know, for sure, before taking the plunge into the world of entrepreneruship?

Build a Business

So you've validated your idea. Now what? Time to get to work and bring your idea to life.

Raise Money

Let's face it. You WILL need money to build a business. But there are many ways to skin this cat.

Interested? Where Should We Start?

1. Build a minimally viable product (MVP) to test the fundamental assumptions underlying your idea.

2. Develop a sustainable, profitable and scalable business model.

3. Incorporate your business, build your team and protect your intellectual property.


4. Design your fundraising strategy, create pitch materials and models, and negotiate the deal.

Oli Gardner

Honorable mention for immortalizing me in the annals of landing page templates.

John Smith

John and his unnervingly generic name have been adding value to my team since 1998.

Jane Smith

Jane is … wait, Jane Smith? Are you guys siblings? Are your parents the most boring people on Earth?

Joe Smith

OK, let’s get real. I want copies of all of your birth certificates on my desk by EOD.

A Very Small Hedgehog

Questionable work ethic, but has made immeasurably positive contributions to office morale.

The Dark Spirits

Don’t ask them questions.

Turning Concepts

Into COmpanieS


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Who Am I?

An entrepreneur at heart and a lawyer by training.

LA-born. NYC-bred. SF-based.

Former "big law" attorney at MoFo (yep, that's the name of a law firm).

Headed west to follow my entrepreneurial passions, as a startup attorney at Orrick.

Proud alum of UCLA and NYU Law. Go Violets!?

Licensed to practice law in CA.

Where the Wind Blows, Literally.

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