Just Another Startup Blog?

282HI know, I know…there’s already too much content floating around, especially when it comes to startups. Trust me, (it feels like) I’ve read it all – from paradigm-shifting principles to shameless self-promotion. At each of these extremes (and everywhere in between), there’s something missing. With authors preoccupied with proving (to themselves) how smart they are or demonstrating (to us) why we’ll fail miserably without them, few dare focus on the lowly blocking and tackling that goes into launching and growing a startup – it’s just not Musk enough (the man, not the grandfatherly scent). I can find dozens of articles on “how to raise venture capital,” all of which recommend that I seek an introduction from a mutual contact before cold emailing. Good advice? Yes. Helpful? Not at all. Now google “how to get introduced to VCs” and see how many articles you find. It’s this gap between theory and practice that I’m hoping to close…inch by inch, post by post.